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19 Activities That Will Wake Up Your Social Media Followers (And...

The curious would check their answers 100 times before sharing them. Publish a piece of content on your website (company’s history, a set of lifehacks, an interview with the founders and staff, a trends overview, a customer story, product test drives, and reviews). Show your main point, and let the curious discover the rest by their own. Such addictive tasks always provoke a lot of discussions among “A” students and those who guessed to find the correct answer on your website (for example, you could share the link to your “special offers” page and encrypt real prices in your puzzle). How to involve the experts in the game? Let’s see what games and contests can please them. Your customers go to your online store to pick a product they’d like to win. Publish a product image on social media and ask your followers to find the best match in your online store to finish the look. Your followers get interested and click to finish the game. Macro Look Post a fragment of your product on social media and suggest your followers to find this product in your online store.

International round-up: Ford sells cars online in China, US ad mocks...

Ford partners with China’s Alibaba to sell cars online Alibaba and Ford are set to sign a deal this week that will allow Ford to sell cars online to consumers in China. However, the deal could have a negative impact on dealerships, according to Yale Zhang, head of Shanghai-based consultancy Automotive Foresight. US ad gives the birth of Jesus the Jeremy Kyle treatment HomeParternity, a US brand that provides home-testing DNA kits and pregnancy tests, has created a controversial new advert that mocks the idea of the Immaculate Conception. It’s the first ad for HomePaternity and a controversial one at that. PLUS Supermarket focuses on co-parenting for Christmas ad Dutch supermarket brand PLUS has launched a slightly less provocative festive ad. READ MORE: PLUS ad focuses on the idea that Christmas is for all families, not just the conventional ones. Starbucks uses AR to bring new Shanghai branch to life Starbucks recently opened its biggest store in the world in Shanghai and is offering augmented reality tours to bring the facility to life. The store, which Starbucks is calling a Reserve Roastery, will also use AR to show visitors how a bean ends up becoming a cup of coffee. It’s quite another to watch the AR experience get built, and come to life.” READ MORE: ‘Alice in Wonderland meets Willy Wonka’ – Starbucks uses AR to launch Shanghai mega-branch Voltaren manufacturers accused of ‘misleading’ consumers Australia’s advertising watchdog has started legal proceedings against GSK and Novartis after it accused the drug manufacturers of making “false or misleading” claims in the marketing for its Volatren pain relief gels. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said Voltaren Osteo Gel is being marketed as a more premium product than the cheaper Voltaren Emulgel pain relief gel despite the fact the two have identical ingredients.


You Probably Live Near A Walmart, So It’s Depending On In-Store...

You Probably Live Near A Walmart, So It’s Depending On In-Store Pickup For Growth. Instead, the company wants to draw customers to its stores with pickup towers or grocery pickup points, or dispatch store employees to make deliveries. Towers of E-Commerce Dominance During today’s quarterly earnimgs confefence call, Walmart CEO Doug McMilon was pleased with the company’s increased sales growth. Its comparable store sales just keep increasing, and Walmart is using those online sales, which include grocery orders for pickup, to bring customers to the store. Or at least the parking lot. This is a practical matter. That means stopping by one is usually convenient, and changes the way that the company approaches e-commerce compared to its competitors. This year, the retailer is going hyper-local, storing more than a million supply lists for teachers, delivering full sets of school supplies to customers’ doorsteps (or local Walmart store) even before the academic year begins. A long way for Amazon to go We know that Walmart and Amazon are locked in a battle for national sales dominance, so it’s notable that while Amazon is working hard to expand its private label offerings and its food offerings, it has an obvious role model in Walmart. Amazon’s biggest brand in sales, the private-label electronics line AmazonBasics, sold $210 million in the first half of the year.

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Asda returns to sales growth but brand recovery is still some...

Asda returns to sales growth but brand recovery is still some way off. Asda returned to sales growth in its second quarter for the first time in three years as investments in price and the store experience convinced shoppers to return. Like-for-like sales (excluding petrol) were up 1.8% in the three months to 30 June, with Asda claiming one of its most successful Easter trading periods ever with total sales up 16%. Even without Easter, comparative sales would still have been up 1.1%. Doug McMillon, CEO at Asda’s parent company Walmart, says he is “encouraged” by the return to sales growth and that investments in price and store experience are resulting in shoppers visiting more often and increasing their basket sizes. “There’s still much more to be done, but we’re clearly headed in the right direction,” he says. Asda has been the worst performing of the big four supermarkets for a number of quarters. Asda will also need to focus on building up its brand. Its Index score, which measures a range of metrics including quality, impression and reputation, has barely inched up over the past year and it has a score of 14.9, putting it in ninth place in a list of 25 supermarket brands and behind all its major competitors. Only in terms of value does it beat its main rivals, coming in third with a score of 23 but still well behind Aldi on 46.7 and Lidl on 43.2.