By Chloe Rigby

Speaking at IRX 2017, Michael Braybrook, director of enterprise solutions at intelligent mobile engagement company mGage, listed his top five mobile innovations. Here are his choices, and the reasoning behind them.


Chatbots, says Michael Braybook of mGage, can help businesses answer common questions around the clock. By interacting with a chatbot instead of a contact centre, consumers can do their digital chores out of hours. Chatbots, argued Braybrook, can “probably answer 80% to 90% of queries” while also taking contacts that don’t require human contact out of the queue.


It’s easy to see emojis as a joke, says Braybrook, but they represent the fastest-growing and most easily recognised language – and one that’s used by a new generation. He points to an experiment by Domino’s Pizza in the US which enabled customers to order their pizza by emoji, and then track delivery of the product using the system. “It’s really interesting to see the impact it’s had,” said Braybrook. “People start talking about the brand.”

Location-based services

These, says Braybrook are getting better all the time, and are used in cases from tracking customers via wifi to offering maps, navigation and information services. “In Selfridges, for example,”…