Live Leap App Allows You To Share Facebook Live – Everywhere

Facebook Live is one of the fastest growing video streaming services in the world. Users are able to easily record, edit and share videos with their friends and followers.

Essentially, Facebook Live offers users their own video channel. The only drawback is that the sharing potential is limited to the original Facebook page from which you broadcast. Since Facebook has in the past not allowed access to its API’s, developers have been limited in what they could do with the content. So up until now where you created content has been the only place you could share it.

Until now it wasn’t even possible to share your video across your other Facebook profiles — for example, Groups and Pages — let alone other social media channels.

Introducing the Live Leap App

Enter the Live Leap app, the world’s first Facebook Live sharing tool and the only one officially approved by Facebook. The tool does a great job of overcoming Facebook Live’s limitations.

Live Leap not only lets you sync your video throughout all your Facebook profiles, but it allows you to simultaneously broadcast on…