Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks

A rival is challenging Hooters’ position as the top dog in the “breastaurant” business.

Twin Peaks is one of the few chains in the sit-down, casual dining business that’s actually increasing sales in 2017. The chain — known for its scantily clad “Twin Peaks girls” — is growing quickly, with system sales increasing 63% from 2013 to 2015, according to Nation’s Restaurant News. And, the 80-location chain is eager to expand, with executives eyeing the West Coast as a fertile ground for new locations.

According to the CEO, the chain’s success is all thanks to the Twin Peaks’ waitresses.

“We made sure our Twin Peaks girl is at the forefront. She’s a big part of our brand DNA. She gives us an extra edge that others don’t have,” CEO Joe Hummel recently told Nation’s Restaurant News.

Hummel would know what the rest of the industry has to offer. He worked at Hooters for eight years, starting in 2003, serving as the company’s executive vice president of operations and purchasing.

In 2011, Hummel and other ex-Hooters executives signed on to become Twin Peaks franchisees. Hooters sued Hummel and his franchise company, La Cima, for misappropriating trade secrets (the suit was settled out of court in 2012).

Twin Peaks, which was founded in Lewisville, Texas in 2005, has a slightly different feel than Hooters’ sports bar-esque atmosphere,…