If you’ve ever wanted to monitor the market for Rolex watches like a stock ticker, we have good news.

StockX, an online retailer that calls itself the “stock market of things,” just added two more categories: watches and handbags.

Anyone looking to buy can list a price they’re willing to pay for an item, while those looking to sell can list what they’re looking to get for the item.

Users can buy or sell instantly if the item is already listed on the website for a price they would accept. The prices are then listed over time so that users can be sure they’re getting a good deal.

StockX previously only offered sneakers before this. At first, the sneakers were only available to buy as new in box, but with the new categories, the site is allowing used items to change hands as long as they are in “excellent” condition. Since all items are shipped through StockX, they are…