McDonald’s wins the right to call itself ‘Australia’s most popular’

Not everybody was in agreement with an Austrailian TV ad for McDonald’s that claimed “when you try a freshly-made coffee at McCafe, you’re enjoying Australia’s most popular barista made coffee”.

In fact, a complaint was submitted to Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) questioning the authenticity of McDonald’s claims.

In an epic three-page response, McDonald’s justified the volume of coffee it sold as it confidently stated: “McCafe coffee is the most popular barista-made coffee in Australia because we sell the most coffee by volume”.

“We submit that if there is no other brand better able to make this claim than us, then, by process of deduction, we are the most popular.”

The ASB decided the advertisement did not breach the Food Code and dismissed the complaint in a verdict that’s being called a defeat for coffee snobs everywhere.

Google could be set for a $1.1bn fine from the EU


It’s been a difficult year for Google, with the digital advertising giant losing dozens of advertisers after a Times investigation exposed how YouTube ads were placing major brands next to extremist content. And things could be about to get a whole lot worse.

According to reports, the European Union is about to fire a fine that will top $1.1bn in Google’s direction after a seven-year investigation found it to be abusing its dominant market share in search advertising,

Should Google be fined by the EU, it will be capped at 10% of Google’s parent Alphabet’s earnings from last year and “up to 30% of Google’s shopping revenues times the number of years of the abuse.” To put this in perspective, Alphabet made $90bn in revenue last year, so that’s a lot of money to potentially lose.

This is just the first of three competition claims against Google investigated at a European level.

Alibaba partners with Publicis to create new brand building platform

In a surprising turn of events, Alibaba and Publicis have teamed up to create their own brand building platform called UniDesk.