In recent weeks we’ve been running a series of interviews with senior retailers who are taking part in this year’s InternetRetailing Summit in Berlin. Today our series concludes with an interview with Daniele Perotti, global director of marketplace at Global Fashion Group.

InternetRetailing: Can you tell us about a little about Global Fashion Group and your approach to international commerce?

Daniele Perotti, global director of marketplace, Global Fashion Group: We are focused on building market-leading sustainable fashion ecommerce businesses in emerging markets. We operate through five platforms – Dafiti, Lamoda, Namshi, The Iconic and Zalora – in 24 countries and employ more then 9,000 people.

Working closely with our partners and offering brands the chance to enter the fashion ecommerce sector in highly promising economies, we have crafted a best-in-class shopping experience for our customers, to whom we offer more than 3,000 international and local brands for fast and convenient delivery.

IR: At the IR Summit you’re chairing a round table discussion on delivering consistent customer experience when operating internationally through different order fulfillment models. What do you see as being the primary one or two challenges in delivering that experience – and what solutions have you found in your business?

DP: I am in charge of the marketplace business model, which is one of the three models that we operate, where fulfilment methods include drop shipment and outright consignment. But no matter how different the operational models are, customer expectations are always the same. Customers expect, no matter who they buy from, the full range of payment methods and a reliable nationwide delivery service. They expect free shipping, free returns and great customer service. These are the five critical expectations of the customer.

For me, the key challenge is to make sure that basically we always keep control of the process even when we don’t deliver direct. We always need to know where the items are and we need to make sure we engage with our partners to ensure the customer experience stays the same, is directly managed, and that we match the customer’s expectations. If we promise delivery in three days, it’s of course better if we do it in two days…