Protein World V24

It might have been a couple of years ago, but the bright yellow ad featuring a bikini-clad model firmly cemented fitness brand Protein World into the collective consciousness of British consumers.

The 2015 “Are you beach body ready?” ad, which promoted the brand’s slimming product, sparked a backlash and received 378 complaints after appearing throughout the London Underground.

The man in charge of that campaign was Richard Staveley, who was the brand’s head of global marketing at the time. But he has since moved on to pastures and in December last year launched brand building agency BrandBru. He also co-founded a new fitness company called V24. Unlike Protein World, the brand focuses solely on protein shots.

“I had a wonderful time with [Protein World] and we achieved some great things on a personal level and for the brand. But ultimately, my desire to be more in control of my own destiny and set up a business alone is what really motivated me,” he tells Marketing Week.

“With V24, we’re building the brand and covering all aspects of marketing. I’m also getting involved with new product development, and hopefully towards the end of this year we’ll be placing the product in retail stores.”

Staveley now finds himself in competition with Protein World but says he “does not see it as a clash”.

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