Uber tries to rebuild brand perceptions

Over the past eight years, Uber has disrupted the taxi industry in 76 countries, its app is used by millions and it has grown to be worth nearly $70bn. But it has been plagued by scandal from the outset and things reached a head this week as CEO Travis Kalenick took a leave of absence amid the publication of a damning report on workplace culture, and allegations of harassment and discrimination.

Against that backdrop, it is no wonder Uber is trying to do something to improve its image, which has plummeted in the eyes of consumers according to YouGov BrandIndex. And so we have its first UK TV campaign under the strapline ‘Where to?’, which aims to promote the possibilities an Uber ride can offer.

It’s a nice enough campaign that would work well in explaining the Uber offering under normal circumstances. But these are not normal circumstances. Uber needs to focus on sorting its internal issues before it tries to win people over with a marketing campaign if it doesn’t want to see a long-term hit to its reputation and revenues.

Protein World’s marketing director is back

Protein World deliberately courted controversy with its ‘Are you beach body ready?’ ads in 2015 and now it would seem its marketing director is back for more. Richard Staveley has launched his own fitness company, V24, creating protein shots for those of us more interested in spending our evenings in the gym than in front of the TV.

And despite the Protein World backlash, Staveley is adopting a similar strategy for V24, with ads featuring a blonde model and the slogan ‘Think Small’. He is insistent it just refers to the small size of the protein shot, but its clear he wants people to think its might infer weight loss and get suitably riled up.

Hopefully this time people won’t play into his hands. The ‘beach body’ controversy may have boosted Protein World’s profile and sales but at what cost? Marketing must be responsible as well as drive business.

Instragram tries to tackle confusion over paid-for posts


Instagram is growing rapidly…