Can needls Social Media Advertising Platform Automate Small Business Ads on Facebook and Instagram?
A new platform aims to make small business advertising on Facebook and Instagram even easier.

Digital has surpassed TV ad spend, and the gap is growing at robust pace. According to eMarketer, the almost $1B lead digital had at the end of 2016 will increase to more than $25B by 2020. For small businesses, if they want to succeed it means making their presence felt on digital channels. needls has created a RoboAgency platform to make this possible, by simplifying social media advertising while making it affordable.

The CEO and Co-Founder of needls, Justin Hartzman, says only around four million of the more than 65 million businesses on Facebook are leveraging the Facebook ads platform. He also goes on to ask, “Why?”

The Answer

Simply put, for small businesses it comes down to the lack of technical know-how, and not having the budget to hire a digital agency. Even though there are DIY solutions, they can be complicated if the business owner doesn’t have online advertising experience. And when it comes to digital ad agencies, the cost for small businesses, in most cases, is prohibitive.

But as digital continues to grow as the preferred medium for consumers, it has opened affordable advertising opportunities. And this is where needls has established its presence, with two of the largest social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

The needls RoboAgency

But needls claims…