Do you ever feel daunted by how much there is to learn at work? How much you need to stay on top of each day? Do you struggle to find time to get up-to-date with customer and industry insight? Even if you do somehow manage to keep up with it all, it can feel like a real challenge to not just be consumed by ‘doing’ and actually make time for thinking.

We have to accept some truths about our jobs. Things are not going to slow down. We are not going to get less work. There is only going to be more to learn.

The challenge of staying informed without being overwhelmed is only going to get harder.

Other than the feeling of being overwhelmed, there are a few tell-tale signs that may indicate a need to make some adjustments to how you’re working. If you’ve got hundreds of unread emails, if you haven’t read about your industry or professional trends in months and if you’ve got no visibility of your competitors’ actions and performance, it’s a sign that changing your approach to how you’re managing information is something you should consider.

Prioritise knowledge

To be happy in our jobs and contribute the most value to our companies, we need to develop our ability to filter, absorb and respond to the detail that surrounds us. Our jobs as marketers often put us right at the centre of the information maelstrom, making this need even more of a priority to address. Developing the ability to traverse through the mass of information we are faced with and emerge with meaningful insight is fundamental to our success at work as individuals, managers and leaders.

All too often ‘I haven’t got time’ just means ‘this isn’t a priority for me’.

Of course, it’s not easy, and the most common reason people give for not being able to get control of information is that they are too busy and haven’t got the time to stop. Let’s be honest, though. While it can feel like we are stuck on spin cycle, the reality is that we can hit pause.

All too often ‘I haven’t got time’ just means ‘this isn’t a priority for me’ and maybe that is true. Maybe you can surf through your role, skimming information and reacting in the moment. But at some point, this approach will…