By Emma Herrod

The InternetRetailing Conference is taking place in London on October 5. Emma Herrod shares a preview of the event.

The twelfth InternetRetailing Conference (IRC) is focusing on Energising Retail as it gives a platform providing inspiration for creative retailers to discuss how the industry can meet the needs of the modern consumer.

This year, IRC will shake the industry and question well established retail concepts; equipping digital leaders with a platform to learn, network and continue developing their digital retail and multichannel strategies. A steady stream of technological possibilities and strategic options present opportunities to fulfil customer expectations and requirements. The question is, who will meet modern consumer demand, and how?

In order to create a fully functional and successful retail machine there is no doubt that strategy between retail marketing professionals and fulfilment must be aligned. Both arms need to work in harmony and overcome their challenges together.

The industry is still hungry to improve and provide fulfilment strategies that satisfy the modern consumer. Performance is transparent, and competition is fierce, so what adjustments are retailers implementing in their strategies in order to keep pace? eDelivery aims to uncover the practical and operational steps in realising these ambitions and for this reason the eDelivery Conference is being brought together with IRC to allow both sectors to interact, debate and discuss the most pertinent issues their job roles demand. The formula is to reflect the board-level conversation in progressive multichannel retailers, and work across silos and role types to understand how to engage commercially with the connected customer.

The IRC and EDC conferences will bring together UK and European Top 500 multichannel retailers to share insight into how they are running their businesses to meet the needs of today’s consumers online, on mobile, in store and across all touchpoints. The interactive and networking-rich formats offer excellent opportunities to mix with and learn from peers. Presentations will be given by professionals who have led and delivered significant projects for globally-renowned retailers, brands and services with speakers focusing on what they’ve done, what they’re doing, and how they assess the results.

Opening plenaries

Reflecting the state of the industry, the opening debates aim to clarify exactly what the modern landscape is. How have consumers evolved in terms of their expectations and demands and how can retailers respond profitably? The plenary session also explores the possibilities in new talent and working methodology. What is…