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Lidl is firing back against Kroger’s claims that the German supermarket chain is guilty of copyright infringement.

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Lidl is firing back at Kroger and denying any wrongdoing after Kroger accused the German-based supermarket of trademark infringement in a recent lawsuit.

“Kroger has offered a striking absence of evidence in support of its claims,” Lidl said in court papers filed in a Virginia US District Court on Friday.

Lidl said Kroger’s claims of copyright infringement are an attempt to tarnish the German chain’s reputation and undermine its US launch by painting it as a “copycat.”

“Kroger is using this lawsuit to try to: disrupt the on-going launch of a new, emerging competitor that offers consumers high-quality products at far lower prices; distract from the positive reviews garnered by Lidl’s launch by painting Lidl as a copycat — when in fact Lidl is a decidedly different and (better) grocery experience; and drive up Lidl’s costs by having to defend against Kroger’s spurious claims,” Lidl…