Online retailer Wayfair has integrated its augmented reality (AR) application WayfairView into its mobile shopping app on the ASUS ZenFone AR, which recently became available in Verizon stores. Leveraging Google’s AR technology, Tango, the Wayfair app makes it possible for consumers to see virtual furniture and décor in their homes at full scale before they buy. AR is just one application for Wayfair’s rapidly growing 3D model library.

“At Wayfair, we’re committed to creating the best possible shopping experience for home. That means ensuring our customers have the absolute confidence that an item will look great and fit in their space before they buy,” noted Steve Conine, co-founder and co-chairman, Wayfair. “The ability to actually see a chandelier hanging from your ceiling, place artwork on your wall, or unbox a new sofa in your living room in a matter of seconds represents the future of shopping for home. That’s why, more than a year ago, we put…


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