Pretty much everyone agrees that brick-and-mortar shopping must evolve if it is to capture the consumer’s eye — and wallet. There have been plenty of musings about the store of the future and the mall of the future, but I recently had an interesting chat with two executives at lauckgroup about the possible future of another physical retail concept — the “co-retailing” space.

Lauckgroup, an architecture firm with a mission to design “innovative, yet functional environments,” has created shared spaces for numerous retailers and small businesses such as Jose Luis Salon & Boutique and YETI. These retailers are seeing value in partnering with those offering similar goods and services to create a one-stop-shop for consumers.

Project Architect Lauren Field noted that Jose Luis Salon had a boutique in one of its three locations that wasn’t performing up to expectations, so they came to lauckgroup to figure out how to optimize a hybrid experience of retail and services. Located in the Domain shopping center in Austin, Texas, the new space includes a full-service hair salon (custom workstations, shampoo area, changing room and waiting area), retail space, color bar, manicure stations and various administrative/back of house areas.

“When we tie it into architecture, it really becomes creating not just a sense of spectacle, but something that you can only go and get at that space,” Field said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “For instance, in the salon we created a window where people can watch others get their hair done before it’s their turn. It’s a more interactive…