1. Christian Dior – Miss Dior: The New Eau de Parfum

It turns out a lot of people enjoy watching actress Natalie Portman perform a variety of dramatic activities, like dangerously jumping off a pier into the sea wearing a flashy designer dress.

The cinematic ad, which was filmed to promote Dior’s new ‘Miss Dior’ perfume, closely shadows the actress and asks viewers what they would do for love. I don’t know about you, but it certainly isn’t doing donuts while driving a hot pink car with my terrified friends in the back. No matter – the ad racked up an impressive 39 million views.

2. Marmite – The Marmite Gene Project: Test Results

It’s a saying as old as time itself – you either love or hate Marmite. But in a new ad, the Unilever-owned spread decided to explore whether people were born this way by taking a ‘gene test’.

The humorous ad shows explosive results, with some families coming together and rifts breaking out. Viewers are also encouraged to find out whether they have the ‘Marmite gene’ by ordering a test kit online.

Creative agency: adam&eveDDB

3. Domino’s Pizza – The Official Food of Squads

There is still a debate as to who brought the term ‘squad’ into popular culture. Some say this is Taylor Swift’s handiwork, but Domino’s Pizza also…