Amazon Go Store Opens, Brings Checkout-Free Shopping To The Public

After more than a year of testing, Amazon finally let everyday consumers into its Amazon Go checkout-free convenience store in Seattle on Jan. 22. The 1,800-square-foot store was first unveiled in December 2016, but had only been open to Amazon employees.

The Amazon Go store mostly sells food items, including the company’s exclusive meal kits.

In the store, shoppers use the Amazon Go app, holding their smartphone near a scanner as they enter a store. Once inside, the store’s “Just Walk Out” technology — a combination of sensors, computer vision and deep learning — detects what’s taken off and returned to shelves, keeping track inside a virtual cart. Once finished, shoppers can leave the store and are automatically charged on their Amazon accounts.

For now, Amazon is testing the concept on a limited basis and has no plans to implement the technology in Whole Foods stores. But expanding the technology would certainly be beneficial for the retailer and the consumer if the technology is as successful as advertised.

Amazon would continue to collect consumer data from every shopper based on their in-store shopping decisions, and use it to deliver more relevant offers online. Shoppers could pick up the merchandise they…