Coca-Cola is launching a £10m advertising campaign to support a revamp of Diet Coke in the UK, as it looks to push more consumers towards its healthier options.

Speaking exclusively to Marketing Week, Aedamar Howlett, marketing director for Coca-Cola GB and Ireland, says: “One of the key things for us is to invest heavily into driving the growth of all our zero sugar and light drinks and across our portfolio.”

The brand is hoping that the Diet Coke reboot will work alongside Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and improve the growth of its light drinks —ahead of the sugar tax on 1 April.

The drinks giant has already revamped Diet Coke in the US, introducing four new flavours and a new can design. It is initially bringing two of four new flavours — Exotic Mango and Feisty Cherry — to the UK although there are plans to introduce others in the future.

Howlett explains: “We wanted to select the strongest two flavours and then have the others in the pipeline. We felt having the strongest two gives a good impact both in terms of communication and ad execution.”

The package redesign is also different in the UK. Led by Anthem Worldwide, it sees the iconic silver can made slimmer and taller with a larger logo faded into the background and makes less of a feature of the flavours than in the US.

Howlett explains: “We’ve worked very closely with North America but what we did do was test within GB and Ireland and listened to what they wanted and optimised it for them.”

The new flavours have already been quietly rolled out in many UK retailers, including Tesco and Boots. Diet Coke claims it has already seen a…