Online journey hijacking can hurt the customer experience, impacting not only conversion rates but brand equity. It works through malware that inserts unauthorized ads into a customer’s web sessions, diverting them away from a merchant’s site into the hands of a competitor.

Japanese sports apparel and footwear giant Asics was no exception to this problem. Nearly 12% of all Asics’s web sessions were infected by various forms of injected ads throughout the customer journey in 2017. And nearly all of these unauthorized ads (97.8%) led to competitor sites.

“It’s completely invisible to online retailers like us because these unauthorized ads were only visible on the consumer’s browser,” said Jason LeBoeuf, Director of Ecommerce for Asics.

Asics began working with Namogoo. Using its software, Asics gained visibility into the magnitude of the issue and fed data directly to Asics’ Google Analytics platform.

“Once Namogoo explained the issues they were seeing in the marketplace, it started to make a lot sense, especially when they were able to show examples…