Considered a leader in omnichannel in the retail industry, Best Buy is using mobile technology to strengthen its omnichannel capabilities in order to provide an exceptional omnichannel customer experience across all touchpoints.

“I think having a perspective on the customer experience you’re looking to create has to be the backbone of your omnichannel strategy,” said Alison Peterson, President of Ecommerce for Best Buy, in a presentation at ShopTalk. “Oftentimes it can be simpler to make small or operational innovations to drive toward your omnichannel strategy.”

When approaching an omnichannel strategy, mobile is the first thing Best Buy thinks about, Peterson said, because it’s where customers today are engaging with brands.

“I just read a statistic that said, over 70% of our digital engagement happens via the mobile phone, so I really don’t know how we don’t start there because that is where the customer is and what is where they’re engaging with our brands,” said Peterson. “When you think about that and you think about the way a customer shops from an omnichannel perspective, [mobile] is such an amazing asset to have to be able to make that experience easier for them and to solve some of those pain points…