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A couple was handcuffed outside of Waffle House after a disagreement over the check.
Shaunt King
  • A black couple was handcuffed by police officers outside a Florida Waffle House after a dispute with wait staff, according to footage that was posted by activist and journalist Shaun King to Facebook.
  • Waffle House employees called the police after the customers argued they were overcharged by 50 cents on a drink that should have cost $1.
  • The incident follows two other instances in which black customers’ concerning encounters with police officers at Waffle House locations went viral.
  • “We understand the concern over these incidents, and welcome continued communication with the community, its leaders and the customers involved,” Waffle House said in a statement.

Waffle House is under fire after footage from a police officer’s body camera revealed a chaotic clash between a black couple and police officers at the chain.

Footage posted by activist and journalist Shaun King on Wednesday shows police entering a Waffle House in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. In the video, two people are seen inside the restaurant, arguing with employees regarding the bill, which the customers say was overly high.

“The man being arrested here refused to pay for a $1.50 overcharge on an orange juice that was listed as $1.00 on the menu. That’s all,” King writes. “When they refused to change the charge he demanded to talk to customer service.”

In the video, the officer asks the woman and the man, who is speaking on a cell phone, to come outside. After a period of time in which the pair discuss reported issues with the bill, the couple goes outside.

Outside, the couple and…