room Room
  • Room is a new company that’s created private, semi-soundproof phone booths for noisy, crowded offices.
  • Already, the company has snagged high profile clients like NASA, Salesforce, and Nike.
  • Room says they’re on track to sell $10 million worth of product in their first year of business.

If you work in an open office, it’s likely that you’ve ducked into a hallway, a closet, or even the bathroom to get a few moments of quiet to make a phone call.

With the move to the open office and the collective banishment of cubicles, finding a quiet, private place can sometimes be close to impossible.

The scarcity of distraction-free zones in the modern workplace is all too familiar to Morten Meisner-Jensen, co-founder of Room, a New York-based startup.

While Room was originally born to accommodate the ever-changing, scrappy dynamic of the startup office environment, in the company’s first few months of operation, they’ve snagged some bigger clients as well. NASA, Nike, and Salesforce are all among Room’s first clients. Already, says Meisner-Jensen, Room is on track to sell $10 million worth of phone booths by mid-2019, at about $3,500 a pop.

It’s already something of a soundproofed success. But it started from relatively humble origins.

Building a better phone booth

While working at a Denmark-based advertising company, Meisner-Jensen once constructed a small, cramped phone booth in his office so that his team could have a secluded place to take conference calls.

“We had huge issues with noise in our office so we tried to fix it ourselves,” said Meisner-Jensen.

But building a decent phone booth turned out to be harder than it looked.

“It was much more difficult and expensive to build than we expected,” said Meisner-Jensen. Once the booth was constructed, Meisner-Jensen realized there was one fatal flaw within its design: While private and relatively quiet, it was also extremely hot inside.

“It didn’t ventilate properly,” said Meisner-Jensen. “So it became known as ‘the sweatbox.'”

Meisner-Jensen soon realized that his office wasn’t the only…