If finding trending products to sell online is not on your first quarter to-do list, it should be! Trending products are a good way to boost short-term sales in your niche. To get you started, we searched the internet for the most viral products from last year. Products that you can sell on your online store in 2017 to increase sales.

Here’s our top 8 list of viral products that will drive sales this coming quarter:

1. Casting Kits

Casting kits made the big leagues at the end of last year with the help The Edinburgh Casting Studio’s Facebook campaign, which has so far reached over 78 million viewers. With Valentine’s in a couple of weeks and peak wedding season hitting the US by summer, this viral product could boost your sales in a big way this year.

2. Makeup Highlighters

As a beauty niche seller, we are sure by now you have heard of contouring and highlighting. With the help of the huge popularity of contouring and highlighting makeup tutorials on Instagram, makeup highlighters are the hottest makeup product trend to come out of 2016 and is expected to continue climbing this year. It’s not just highlighters, it’s makeup brushes and then makeup brush cleaners. Take a look at this makeup brush cleaning product ad with over 300k views.

Bonus Tip: Add beauty guides and blogs to your beauty online store to help promote your store, drive traffic and convert more sales.

3. Reverse Folding Umbrella

Talk about setting the trend and going viral in a big way. Reversible umbrellas takes an everyday product and totally revolutionizes it, and Facebook loves it. Just look at the stats of the below ad.

4. Beard Oil

Beard oil is so hot right now. In fact, everything from oils to razor blades and trimmers are all products that were highly searched for last year. You only have to look at the 2016 advert by Dollar Shave Club to see just how viral and mainstream men’s grooming products have become. Beard oil may fall into a very small niche, but it’s almost tripped in popularity over the last three years.

Bonus Tip: Target your Facebook ads less broadly and…