52 Social Media Management Tools You Must Have for Your Business

Almost every business can find a use for social media sites these days. You can use them for marketing, research, customer service and so much more.

But managing those social media sites isn’t always easy. For that, you might need some tools that can help with things like scheduling, analytics and even editing. Here are 50 different social media management tools that can help you build your business’s presence online.

Social Media Management Tools


Buffer is an online tool you can use to schedule social content across different platforms as well as find inspiration for new content to share.


Hootsuite is another option for social media scheduling and management.

Sprout Social

For more in-depth marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, Sprout Social is an online tool you can use to create marketing campaigns across various social channels.


To save even more time, you can use a tool like Edgar. Edgar keeps your social media posts in a rotation, so you can re-post your content on social media every so often.


You can use BuzzSumo to find the best social content that relates to your industry or niche.


CoSchedule is a social media calendar that gives you a way to manage your social content going forward.


Reposting content on social media can be a great way to engage with other users on platforms like Instagram. Repost is an app that lets you easily repost content from other users and credit them.


A service from Buffer, Respond lets you keep track of who reaches out to you on social media so that you can easily respond and manage your customer service online.


Mention is another tool you can use to monitor your social media mentions so you can keep track of any conversations.


Instagram is one social platform that isn’t connected to any of the major social scheduling tools. But Later lets you upload schedule and manage your upcoming Instagram posts.


Or you can use Grum to post to Instagram right from your computer if you don’t have the mobile app handy.


For Twitter and Instagram, Crowdfire lets you manage your following and plan marketing campaigns to grow your online presence.


Nuvi is a program that offers real-time marketing insights for social platforms so that you can make informed decisions to grow your audience.

Facebook Messenger

Chances are, your business already has a presence on Facebook. But you can also use the Facebook Messenger app to better communicate with your customers who connect with you on the platform.

Facebook Ads

You can also use Facebook Ads to build a larger audience and increase your conversions on the platform.

Start A Fire

Start A Fire is a tool that aims to help you create viral social media posts. You can track the reach of each post and gives you recommendations for future growth.


If you want to add a little more excitement to your social content, you can create animated videos that embody your brand using Animoto.


To manage your social media ads on Facebook and Instagram, Qwaya is a free tool that can make the advertising process a bit easier.


Images are super important to quality social media content. Canva is a free online photo editing and graphic design tool you can use right in your…