BAT Tax for SNL

A parody commercial mocking House Republicans’ proposed tax on imports will run this weekend during “Saturday Night Live.”

The commercial was produced by the National Retail Federation, a retail trade organization, as part of a campaign to rally opposition to the provision, which would impose a tariff on imports.

Retailers would be hit hard by the tax: an estimated 97% of all clothing and footwear sold in the US is imported.

The infomercial sarcastically jokes about the “benefits” of the BAT:

“Too much dough got you feeling low? Too much cash breaking your back? Then you need… the BAT TAX!”

According to NRF, the retail sector provides one out of four U.S. jobs, or 42 million positions, and is America’s largest private-sector employer. The BAT tax could put millions of these jobs at risk, the NRF says.

“As a special…