Modcloth Facebook

Some customers are rebelling after news broke that the trendy clothing company ModCloth is being acquired by Walmart‘s e-commerce subsidiary.

Jezebel first reported Wednesday that, which was bought by Walmart for $3 billion in August 2016, had acquired the clothing company.

Customers quickly took to social media to complain about the news, arguing that ModCloth’s progressive messaging is at odds with retail giant Walmart’s business practices.

“I’m so devastated, I’ve been shopping with Modcloth since 2008. I also stopped shopping at Walmart around that time,” wrote one of dozens of upset customers on ModCloth’s Facebook page. “Walmart has horrid business practices, doesn’t believe in the power of a union, and refuses to give their employees anywhere near a living wage. I’m sorry, even if they’re your parent company — I cannot in good standing…