Dunkin Donuts
Kate Taylor

Dunkin’ Donuts is doubling down on its “everyman” reputation.

“When we think about the sentiment of consumers in America right now, our brand stands for something that is all about hard work, transparency, values — that’s our brand,” Scott Hudler, Dunkin’s chief digital officer, said on Tuesday at a media day.

“It’s America runs on Dunkin’, not Republicans run on Dunkin’, Democrats run on Dunkin’,” he continued. “It’s America runs on Dunkin. When we think about elitism starting to fade away, this is our sweet spot.”

Dunkin’s self-presentation could be seen as a jab at the more expensive Starbucks, which has come under fire for CEO Howard Schultz’s progressive stances. Or, it could simply be a vocalization of the fact that Dunkin’ Donuts is trying to offer something completely different than its competitors.

“If you’re going to sit somewhere and write your screenplay, a Dunkin’ location probably isn’t for you,” Hudler said. “But if you’re running the carpool in the morning, if you’re running your kids to hockey or soccer… then we’re your…