More than 250 people representing South Florida businesses and non-profit organisations attended a Hilton West Palm Beach ballroom Wednesday for having a look at a leading social media platform — Facebook.

The event was held by the Palm Beach Post and featured Ty Schlegel from Facebook’s partner management division. Schlegel told the audience that the key to success on social media was in their pockets and purses — their smartphone or tablet.

Schlegel pointed out there are more mobile devices in use today — 1.71 billion — than there were people on the planet 100 years ago. He added, vast numbers of consumers, especially those highly-desired millennials, use a mobile device for commerce.

“Take these things seriously,” he said, holding up his iPhone and noting how many companies from Uber to Airbnb to Amazon have grown their commerce largely with mobile devices and apps.

Schlegel, formerly with Google, told the crowd about various tools Facebook offers to help businesses connect with customers. He said that the goal of these tools was effective targeting, meaning connecting with Facebook followers likely to be most interested in your product, service or mission.

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