Google isn’t finished making laptops.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced noting that Google hardware boss Rick Osterloh had said in a recent meeting with journalists at Mobile World Congress — an annual mobile industry conference held in Barcelona — that the search giant was pumping the brakes on its line of “Pixel”-branded Chromebooks. That led to some speculation that the company will stop producing laptops in general.

Now, though, Osterloh has clarified that’s not the case. “Hey all, Google’s own Chromebooks aren’t ‘dead’ as has been reported,” Osterloh wrote in a tweet on Wednesday. “They will live on, we just have *no plans to share at this time.*”

Business Insider attended the meeting in question, and to be fair, Osterloh’s wording was vague enough to make any miscommunication understandable.

But first, some context: Last fall, both Android Police and 9to5Google reported that Google was planning its own “Pixel 3” laptop. This is said to be a follow-up to its two previous Chromebook Pixel notebooks — which Google has sold as a sort of idealized Chrome OS device at the very top of the market — and one of the first devices to run a new Google operating system, codenamed “Andromeda,” that’ll merge bits of Android and Chrome OS together. It was also reported to arrive in Q3 of this year. Google has not commented on any of this thus far.

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During the meeting, Osterloh was asked if Google would continue making laptops, then if “there would be no Pixel 3 coming.” He responded by saying “no, not that we’re discussing.” When pressed to clarify, Osterloh said, “Who knows what the future might hold? Nothing to announce today.”

Osterloh was then asked if Google was backing out of the laptop market. “We have none available now,” he said, a reference to the fact that the Chromebook Pixel has been out of…