By Paul Skeldon

With many car makers hitting Mobile World Congress last week with connected cars, Hedley Aylott, CEO and Co-founder of Summit argues that buying a car with a mobile is the ultimate demonstration of how far mobile has come in consumer’s minds. And Peugeot is in the driving seat

It has been 20 years since Nokia launched the first mobile with access to the internet. Since then, technology has evolved more rapidly than many people could have ever predicted. As we enter 2017, we have reached a new stage in our digital development with people using the internet on a plethora of devices, for every kind of purpose. With this advance in technology has come an unrecognisable change in consumer behaviour.

Shopping on mobile devices is now the norm, with the number of people who have used their mobile to make a purchase in the UK currently at 80%. As transaction technology improves, and more retailers install time-saving functions such as guest check out options, this number will continue to rise. Shopping on-the-go has never been easier, and retailers who fail to provide options which fit around a busy lifestyle are already paying the price. The automotive industry is the latest sector to offer an online ordering platform, with technology making it possible to buy a car on the go.

This change in consumer behaviour has been the driving force behind the latest developments in ecommerce technology. It was about time that the automotive industry adapted to this new way of thinking. For example, we recently worked with Peugeot to create their ‘Order Online’ platform. This enables customers to complete the end-to-end car buying process online, from trading in…