Three pieces of research out this week have interesting findings on how UK retailers might tweak their customer service in order to persuade more shoppers to buy from them. Here are some of the headlines.

Answering customer queries consistently

Some 93% of the 1,000 consumers questioned for the 2017 Eptica Retail Conversation Study said they were more likely to buy if they had a positive customer experience. Some 69% said their expectations of service were only rising. But when researchers put questions via the web, email, social media and chat to 40 UK retailers from the fashion, consumer electronics, food and drink and entertainment sectors and analysed their responses, they found that retailers seemed to be settling for an average level of service. The study found companies unable to answer 46% of customer queries received on email, the web, Twitter and Facebook, with only 7.5% responding on all four channels – and still fewer – 2.5% – providing a consistent, accurate answer across all of them. It found a fall in the number of questioned answered on Facebook, which fell by 20% on last year’s study to 39%. Only 44% (45% in 2015) of tweets and 62% (65% in 2015) of web queries received a successful response.

Under half (47%) of consumers said they were happy with the experience received on the web, email, social media and chat and under a third (32%) of consumers were satisfied with retail service on Twitter, 38% on Facebook, 51% on chat, 56% on the web and 59% on email. In-store, by contrast, 78% were happy with the service they received.

“Consumers today demand a high quality experience from retailers – whatever channel they use to make contact,” said Olivier Njamfa, chief executive and co-founder of Eptica. “They value having a real-time conversation, yet too many retailers are letting them down, settling for average service at best, rather than delivering an experience that will drive long term loyalty.”

Adding the personal touch

Some 62% of UK marketers said they did not use personalisation in their campaigns, according to Episerver’s new…