How to Get Started on Whatsapp
Whatsapp is on the move again. The platform recently followed Instagram in

cloning one of rival Snapchat’s more popular features.

WhatsApp is a social messaging service that was acquired by Facebook for a whopping $19 billion in 2014. As of April 2016, more than a billion people were already using the instant messaging service around the world. And over 70 percent of them use the app to communicate on a daily basis.

In August 2016, Facebook changed its privacy policies to allow businesses to send messages to WhatsApp users, and this, of course, opened up a new marketing platform for small businesses as well. So, how can you tap into this marketing opportunity?

How to Get Started on Whatsapp

Download the App

You first have to download the app. You can search for the app on Google or Apple store or if you would like to use it on your Mac or Windows PC just head to