By Paul Skeldon

According to data from market research firm Dynatrace, a majority of consumers – 61% – expect pages within mobile retail apps to download completely in four seconds or less. Anything longer than that, and retailers risk frustrating their users and having them abandon the app or perhaps uninstall it completely.

And yet, most retail apps fall well short of this goal. By including too many requests or making the total file size too large, and by not optimizing their app’s overall performance, most major retail apps take at least two or three times that desired amount of time to download the main page.

PacketZoom’s Mobile App Retail Index benchmarks the performance of selected popular retail applications. The Index focuses on the most frequently visited page of each app and ranks them by average download time.

The variability in download time is a result of both app infrastructure and design methodology. Brands that are ranked high are likely to use either advanced mobile acceleration technologies or minimal design approach (or both).

In addition to the current performance, the Mobile App Retail Index lists the download time of each app using PacketZoom Mobile Expresslane technology.