Beefy Crunch Movement
A photo from the Beefy Crunch Movement’s website.

If you visit Taco Bell’s Facebook page you’ll likely find dozens of users posting about the Beefy Crunch Burrito.

“Favorite couple is me and a #beefycrunchburrito,” reads one comment on a recent post promoting a Taco Bell-centric marriage.

“You can’t censor us forever,” reads another. “Sooner or later you have to acknowledge us… #beefycrunchmovement.”

The posts are part of a coordinated effort to convince the chain to make its Beefy Crunch Burrito a permanent menu item.

Since 2011 when the limited-time offering left Taco Bell’s menu for the first time, Richard Axton has been leading the charge.

Over the last six years, Axton and the Beefy Crunch movement have exploded.

Today, the Beefy Crunch Facebook group has more than 58,000 members, many of whom regularly take to Taco Bell’s social media pages to express their displeasure that the Beefy Crunch Burrito isn’t available all the time. They’ve called the movement, “Operation Annoying AF [As F—].”

Last year, Taco Bell even featured Axton in its ads when it brought back the burrito for a limited time.

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The Beefy Crunch…