By Paul Skeldon

Only four of the top 50 UK ecommerce websites offer social login or social connect to customers, according to new research from big data and text analytics company Hello Soda.

Social login is vital for getting users to sign up and use apps and m-web sites – and online sites too – as it saves time and the need for remembering passwords and more. It can also act as a way of verifying who people are ,thus avoiding fraud.

After analysing the purchasing processes of the 50 busiest ecommerce sites, Hello Soda found that only Netflix, ASOS, Dominos and Ryanair give the option of utilising a social media account when signing up or registering for their services.

Since this process allows customers to access services by simply using their social media account, it often saves time filling in long registration forms, and cuts down the number of details they need to remember, reducing friction and streamlining the user journey. Therefore, this research highlights the fact that ecommerce sites may be failing…