By Chloe Rigby

In a recent InternetRetailing webinar, In a world of intuitive marketing tech, is there still a part for people to play?, we heard from Matthew Kelleher, CCO at RedEye. Here’s a bulletpoint overview of his presentation.

• “Previously manual tasks have been automated and that’s meant new capbilities and drives a change in what we are doing as users or providers of technology and that’s having an impact on us all.”
• Kelleher argues that people are a key driver in changing technology – an area that he says has had relatively little attention up to now.

Market trends
• Development of martech technology has never been so rapid, or had such an impact on people’s lives. New entrants: IBM, Oracle, Salesforce and more. It’s been described as “like an arms race” with “heavy investment to get the next big thing”. Artificial intelligence is now just around the corner.
• The more valuable a business, the more dependent on software as a service, the fewer people it has. Customers pushed into online universities and other online help.
• Challenges of martech: Econsultancy study says the key challenges are time, lack of resources, data integration.
• Most important attributes of email technology provider: Econsultancy study: user-friendly interface, marketing automation, ability to integrate. Account management only listed by 15%: this was tending me to the conclusion: is this the demise of standard, traditional account management? Is the drive towards martech capabilities doing away with that?
• What do people have inhouse and what do they outsource? People like to take the simple stuff in-house, but the challenge is in the complexity.
• What makes…