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Internet sales from sites like Amazon and Ebay are soaring and many corporate stores are left in the dust. Researchers projecting a record number of closures of brick and mortar stores in 2017.

“Online is definitely a tough market to compete with.” said Kimberly McCreary

Kimberly Mccreary says she grapples with how to win over online shoppers everyday. She opened Northern Country Chic in downtown Fenton last spring. She says she has her own way taking on giant online retailers.

“Honestly, it’s hard but you have to sell the store yourself. You have to sell customer service and you as a person and let people know you are just a little mom and pop shop.” said Kimberly McCreary

McCreary sells everything from clothes to decorations. she says even though big box stores like Macy’s and JC Penny’s are closing at…