By Paul Skeldon

Aside from store closures, department store giant Debenhams has unveiled a turnaround strategy for its retail business, based around mobile – but there is a lot of work to do if its current site is anything to go by.

While the headlines focused on the store closure review, chief executive Sergio Bucher set out a positive future for the business as “a destination for social shopping, with mobile the unifying platform for interacting with our customers.”

This makes total sense as consumer behaviour is shifting dramatically towards these channels, however the foundations for Debenhams [IRDX RDEB] to build this new future for the business on mobile appear shaky and need serious attention. This is according to the latest analysis by digital performance intelligence company Catchpoint of how shoppers currently experience Debenhams’ mobile site.

The analysis of the mobile site over the last two days reveals erratic performance. The main issue is the mobile version of the Debenhams home page contains too many items – around 250 – and many of them are up to 3MBs in size (primarily images which can be…