By Chloe Rigby

The store of the future will humanise the retail experience, using data to link online and offline, while personalising the the experience for customers and enabling sales assistants to become in-store influencers, according to Farfetch.

Farfetch, which provides an online platform for luxury boutiques and brands from around the world to sell their products to customers globally, has unveiled the Beta version of its store of the future, the final part in the Farfetch Augumented Retail vision, which promises to tailor solutions to the brand, city and store where they are used. The platform is built around data which, says Farfetch, drives personalised meaningful customer experiences that underpin in-store digital technologies and services.

This is important, says Farfetch founder, co-chairman and chief executive José Neves, since physical retail still accounts for 93% of sales and even by 2025 is still expected to account for 80% of sales. “Retailers need a way to collect…