Game’s [IRDX RGME] Fred Prego told IRX 2017 that its data team is now self-sufficient – and explained how that came about.

Prego, director of loyalty and marketing at the gaming hardware and software retailer, a Top100 trader in IRUK Top500 research, told IRX that it makes enough money by sharing customer insights with game publishers to support a 10-strong team. Those insights come from its customers’ loyalty: the 20m who have bought from it over the last year and are members of its Rewards Account scheme give the retailer enough information to inform its strategy and help publishers to sell their games to Game customers. That information comes from sources including store transactions, web interactions, apps, CRM, in-store wi-fi and customer service. Prego says data gives the retailer insights into its customers and what they want in order to drive its strategy.

“Internally,” he said, “we use it in every single part of the business and we also sell it externally to publishers, developers and in a lot of third party matching. The revenue we’re deriving from selling insights to suppliers pays for our team – and there are 10 of us in the business.”