Wireless giant Sprint has announced it will open 79 new retail locations in Texas, including two in Waco, though it is not yet prepared to say where it will place the local stores, according to a company press release.

Sprint already has more than 2,700 employees and 350 stores in Texas. It has stores in Waco at Central Texas Marketplace and 1107 N. Valley Mills Drive.

“This retail expansion is our largest initiative in Texas since the launch of Sprint PCS stores,” Central Texas Regional President John Stevens wrote in the press release.

The expansion will create more than 550 new retail, operations and technical jobs, according to the press release.

Monday best for fill-ups

Motorists needing to top off their gas tanks may want to consider visiting the nearest convenience store on a Monday.

A report by GasBuddy.com reveals that Monday offers the lowest average price for a gallon of gasoline, “making it the best day to fill the tank,” it said in a press release. “Thursday is the worst day to buy gas, having the most expensive average.”

GasBuddy, which tracks fuel prices nationwide, said it analyzed three years of data to arrive at its conclusion.

To put the amount of savings in perspective, if every U.S. motorist bought gasoline on Thursday for an entire year, they’d collectively spend an extra $1.1 billion versus filling up on Monday, GasBuddy analyst Patrick DeHaan said.

The data reveal that the best day to buy may change from year to year and state to state. So far this year, Monday is the best day of the week in 23 states….