Microsoft flagship store ‘culture wall’

A recent merger of digital marketing agency Modus Operandi with creative branding and motion graphics company Eyeball has resulted in its first major project as the merged agency, Mod Op: a ‘Culture Wall’ for the Microsoft flagship store in New York City.

Microsoft tasked Mod Op with helping the company utilize its street-facing wall at the NYC flagship store to create an artistic reflection of what technology can bring to the community in an artistic sense. They are collaborating with local artists to bring architecture to life in a digital and dynamic format. Digital artist Tabor Robak was the first to land his work on the wall and more local New York-area artists’ work will be featured in the coming weeks.

“The idea of the culture wall, which is what they call this giant 40-foot LED display that’s on the façade of the store, is really to serve as a connection between Microsoft and the community,” said TJ McCormick, partner and executive creative director at Mod Op. “The bigger objective they have with it is for people to start to view Microsoft less as a maker of hardware and software and more of a company and brand whose focus is on empowering people. Bringing in local artists and showing their creativity is a great representation of that mission.”

Modus Operandi and Eyeball have been working in collaboration with Microsoft for nearly two years, but the newly merged Mod Op allows the company to combine its efforts on both the digital and creative side.

“The synergy of those two companies, having Eyeball coming from a creative, brand and motion graphics history, which has been in business for twenty years, and the Modus Operandi side, having very good digital capabilities and technology capabilities – we combine those two things, it makes it so that we are able to work with clients in a way that either company wasn’t able to before bringing those two skill sets together,” said Eric Bertrand, chief executive officer at Mod Op.

TJ McCormick (l) and Eric Bertrand of Mod Op

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