By Paul Skeldon

With the High Street reeling from a poor Easter, retailers should integrate customer data into the in-store retail experience to ascertain why prospects become customers and why they don’t.

This is according to Vanessa Walmsley, MD of Qmatic, providers of customer journey management solutions, who suggests that gaining in-depth insights for the offline experience is what will reduce friction while boosting personalisation and clarity, giving retailers a competitive advantage.

According to The Institute of Customer Service, 60% of customers don’t tolerate poor service under any circumstances. In light of this, Vanessa says, it’s important for retailers to know exactly how to care for their in-store customers, in the same way as they do for online customers.

Walmsley says: “Shoppers, especially omnichannel-savvy ‘super-shoppers’, expect the in-store experience to be a complete reflection of what they’ve experienced online and on mobile with zero gaps in the look, feel, offerings, personalisation and level of clarity. This might mean translating an e-commerce site design that proposes items based on the shopper’s past activities into an in-store environment where staff offer observant suggestions.”

She continues: “For customers shopping online, retailers can use cookies…