Snapchat is to start offering more location data to marketers in the US, allowing them to better track the efficacy of their ads in the offline world.

A new tool called Snap to Store has been in beta testing with a select number of brands and will now let advertisers with physical stores in the States see how in-store traffic correlates the Snap campaigns.

Wendy’s, 7-Eleven and Paramount Pictures are among some of the first brands to have used the feature. According to data from Snapchat, which has been verified by third-party platforms, a Geofilter from Wendy’s drove 42,000 people to visit its restaurants in the seven days after it was published and seen by users within the app.

The fast-food chain’s head of advertising, digital, social and media said the feature was “a big win,” for the brand, adding that it hoped to see more adtech like this in the future.

Snapchat has also unveiled a new dashboard for advertisers which shows the…