There are many ways retailers are trying to bring shoppers back to stores. For instance, we see Walmart doing it with extra discounts for online shoppers, literally setting up competition across its channels. Then, there’s StepsAway, a mobile platform that informs shoppers already in malls about real-time promotions in stores. That means that stores can tap into create excitement with special promotions and events that are instantly relevant. Potential customers can access on their smartphone a free Wi-Fi mall network that will share local sales and events.

I met with Alan Haimes, 57, founder and CEO of StepsAway, who developed their Wi-Fi concept. It is already supporting 150 regional GGP malls and 22 Macerich properties, including leading regional malls like Queens Center (New York), The Oaks (Southern California) and Tysons Corner (Washington D.C.). The installation allows individual store chains to have local or national promotions.

Individually stores have been struggling to attract traffic to their locations. Now, with the help of StepsAway, many stores can capture more foot traffic from people that are already in the mall. It doesn’t try to redirect which channel a customer chooses to shop, it follows the customer lead…and the result is that it changes the mall concept.

The mall is now the superstore.

With mall stores actively promoting an item, a classification or maybe a store event the productivity of these stores should increase. Having made the trip to the mall, the customer behavior shows…