As more shoppers embrace digital solutions, apparel retailers must merge online and offline experiences to drive e-commerce sales.

This was according to “Apparel Trend Report: Reconciling the Tech with the Tactile,” a report from Criteo that highlights the latest shopping trends in the apparel and accessories retail category. The report offers insight into shifting shopper behavior and actionable intelligence for retailers and brands as they seek to fully capitalize on the apparel e-commerce ecosystem.

On average, there are more than three products in every online shopping cart. Carts with an apparel item averaged $95.21 during the third quarter of 2016, highlighting the need for marketers to maximize cross-selling opportunities. Meanwhile, one-third of all apparel purchases were made via mobile phones during the weekends in December 2016 at the height of the holiday shopping season — a factor that suggests marketers need to adopt ‘mobile first’ strategies to capitalize on this trend.

Specifically, the Sunday peaks reflect the omnichannel nature of e-commerce. The average cart size hit $126 on Sunday, Nov. 13, and the second biggest day was Sunday, Dec. 7 — with shoppers likely identifying clothes in-store and purchasing online at a convenient time, the report said.

“The apparel and accessories category is witnessing a massive transformation,” said Jonathan Opdyke, president, Brand Solutions, Criteo.

“Millennial shoppers purchase the majority of their clothing and accessories online and retail storefronts…