As the industry makes the switch to EMV, data breaches and automation are driving online fraud more than ever.

In fact, e-commerce fraud attack rates have spiked 33% over the last year, according to the “2016 E-commerce Fraud Attack Rates,” from Experian. The report analyzed millions of e-commerce transactions and ranked the top states, cities and ZIP codes for shipping and billing fraud across the United States.

As EMV works to protect payment card information at store level, the process has prompted fraudsters to refocus their efforts online. By targeting card-not-present transactions, hackers are gaining access to consumer accounts, billing information and identity data, enabling more successful fraudulent attempts.

And fraud is happening everywhere across the country.

Broken down by region, billing fraud has increased 25% in the West, with shipping fraud jumping 32%. In north central U.S., billing fraud increased 16%, while shipping fraud spiked by 32%.

In the south, billing fraud attacks increased 32%, and shipping fraud jumped 41%. The Northeast reported billing attacks…