Target Corp. is extending its progress to renewable energy and making progress on its goal to have 500 buildings with rooftop solar panels by 2020.

The discounter, which currently has over 350 completed solar projects, kicked off its first combined solar and solar powered battery storage project this year, in Kona, Hawaii, in partnership with SunPower. The 910-kilowatt solar system and 250-kilowatt battery will provide over 40% of the Kona store’s energy, and capture energy during the day that will power the store’s lights, refrigeration and other essential needs later in the day.

The solar-and-storage combo will serve as a case study for the integration of clean, renewable power for other Target locations. By the end of 2017, Target plans to complete rooftop panel installations at all six of its stores across Hawaii, which offsets one-third of each building’s energy.

“As a leader in corporate solar adoption, Target sees the value of adding storage…