Textile Revolution: 4/20 Edition. Using Hemp for Sustainable Fashion

Fashion is a world of excess; it is no surprise it stands atop the list of most wasteful industries. That being said, a large reason lies in the materials it takes to make a garment. When it comes to cellulose fibers it is not just the materials themselves, but also the land it takes to grow the fibers and the resources that they require to thrive. Cotton has always been a major player, although other more sustainable fibers are making their way into the production process. One fiber that would have a large sustainable impact is hemp. Despite its benefits, the history of hemp in America is one filled with bureaucracy.

Amber waves of grain hemp?

The Bible is printed on hemp, our Declaration of Independence was printed and signed on it and the slogan “Hemp for Victory” reigned supreme during WWII. Quite the contrary, since now American farmers are banned from growing the hemp plant. The reason is because, you guessed it, is marijuana. According to Forbes, hemp products produced $500 million in sales in 2012, yet American companies who use it in their products have to get it imported. It is falsely believed that is the government were to legalize…