The Benefits Of WeChat For Your International Business

WeChat works especially well when it comes to the generation of leads, having functions designed to help businesses reach the right audiences; for instance, it’s popular for businesses to provide Wi-Fi for users asking them to follow the business’ account in return. Having said this, businesses sometimes make the mistake of creating an account on WeChat and remaining inactive on it, hoping that it will do the job by itself. Part of the reason for being on WeChat is to spark a conversation between companies and their customers: if users are not getting what they need from the accounts they are following, they will delete them. It is very important therefore to cater for users’ interests and needs on your account, and make sure that you make the most of the opportunities it offers.

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It’s all about content and advertising

WeChat is a powerful platform for content publishing: most of WeChat’s users read content on the platform in one format or another at some point during the day. Official accounts on WeChat can suggest content to followers, but this should be done carefully: if the content is irrelevant for the users, they may stop interacting with the brand. Verified users can also gain access to WeChat’s advertising platform, which can be used to promote the account, the company website or…